The Observer Battled Dead Bart In Creepypasta Rap Battles 20


Verse 1:

A lost episode against the proxy king? You fell out of a plane, But in this song i sing,

You'll get beaten to death by my killer rhymes, HAPPYBIRTHDAY to you, but you won't have a good time!

As i COMECLOSER, you will feel fear! Before i decode your INTERCEPTION, You will know i'm here!

Like i disturbed Noah, you shall be followed, I am one of the smarter proxys, But your skull is pure hollow!

Verse 2:

Get ready, It's time for an INTERRUPTION! Better step away before you meet with corruption!

Like the Administrator, I spit hot bars! This'll feel worse than the time you got hit by that car!

This Unknown Call will be glad he beat you, You'll feel Several Months of Hell, you're already doomed.

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